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....can easily collect  pop tabs for RMHC too! Tabs can  be dropped off at the House on Roanoke or taken to your local scrap metal dealer (we partner with Arizona Environmental Recycling) and the proceeds donated to “Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix” (there’s a House in Tucson too, so it’s important to specify Phoenix.) Please let the development office know if you’ve donated your tabs directly to the recycler- so we can be on the look out for a check!

yellow-email-button Click here to contact Paige Malin, Development Coordinator, with any quetions or for more information about our pop tab program.

PT informational & Fact Sheet


...can collect pop tabs too! For more information Click Here to see more information about the POP TAB CHALLENGE!

Not all tabs are created equal!

In the past we have encouraged groups to collect anything that looked like a pop tab (i.e.- soup tabs, cat food tabs, etc.) While most soda can tabs are made out of aluminum, sometimes other can tabs (such as the ones mentioned above) are not. When we turn our bins into the recycler, too many steel tabs mixed in with the aluminum can downgrade the quality of the bin and decrease the amount of money we receive for it.

As a rule of thumb:
If it sticks to a magnet, it is NOT aluminum.
(Usually these “sticky” tabs are steel.)

Collection Containers:

Requests for small collection houses can be made to Paige Malin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Large houses are limited and must be picked up directly at our offices at the Roanoke address. (Please email beforehand to ensure we have some in stock.)

If you wish to obtain additional houses we ask for a $.50 donation per small house and $1.50 donation per large house. (Quantity available may be limited, depending on stock available at House.)

Please Note:

You can collect the tabs in whatever you want, but here’s how we need you to turn them in at the House:

Smaller amounts of tabs should be bagged in gallon size ziplock bags and clearly labeled with the date, your contact information, and (if you know) the weight of the tabs turned in. Larger amounts of tabs should be bagged in large trash bags (preferably the clear kind) and labeled with the date, your contact information, and (if you know) the weight of the tabs turned in.

Tabs will not be accepted in milk jugs, liter bottles, water jugs, or any similar container. They are very difficult and time consuming to empty when they are stored this way.